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#1 Himeka Monasaka by Maro-King #1 Himeka Monasaka by Maro-King
:pointr:Name: Himeka Monasaka
:bulletblack:Age: 16
:bulletblue:Gender: Female
:bulletblack:sOrientation: Straight
:bulletblue:Specie: Halfvampire (half human)
:bulletblack:Nyne level: Lvl 05
:bulletblue:Body level: Lvl 53
:bulletblack:Family: Father - Neah; Mother - Evangeline
:bulletblue:Ability: Glowing white rings that are multifunctional(hard as platinum or glowing and transperent??); another ability of hers is Black Lightning!
:bulletblack:World: Magistra [Casyth west]
The Mighty Fall - Fall out Boy
Primadonna girl - Marina and the diamonds ! <3
(gonna find more soon)

Himeka is that kind of person who is always silent and seems to be in a bad mood. She doesn't like others a lot and wishes mostly not to interact with them. 
She hates body contacts the most so hugs and taps on the shoulder are forbidden for her and if it happens that someone would spontaneously hug her she would react really harsh and throws that someone instantly off her, while it could happen that she even hurts them or insults them.
On the other side she gets embarrassed easily and then acts all shy while trying to hide her face. She can be very loving, too, if it's about her friends she cares a lot about them and tries to protect them as good as she can.
Himeka is that kind who is very clever, too, and knows a lot. She likes to brag with her intelligence sometimes, mostly in school or in front of people she doesn't like.She mostly acts a little snobby, so the first impression of her when you meet her would be that she's a very arrogant person. She doesn't treat persons she doesn't know well ether, she mostly shows them that she doesn't like you. but when you get to know her more, you can see that it's actually really nice to hang around her. She acts all shy and get's embarrassed more often. She does nice things for you and doesn't treat you like a stranger anymore. The fact that she doesn't talk often won't change no matter how much you get to know her, and she's still very arrogant but also very kind lovable.

facts: She loves dragons the most. She eat's a lot and can't fight without a proper meal first. Her favourite thing is vanilla pudding. (Oh I love her.)

As soon as Himeka got into elementary school she had a lot of problems with other kids, mostly because of bullying, what happened because she is a half Vampire. Her elementary school was one of the first school who supported mixed races and the first school her father worked with. She mostly kept quiet and didn't tell her father because he was actually very proud that mixed schools would work.
Being treated like a monster by Humans and treated like scum by the upper races she had to grow up in those schools, which resulted in her character.
Then after changing school for the first time, she thought it could be different, but it was not. Luckily she found someone there who wasn't as angsty as other humans, Niawa, and they became friends.
Some time later when friendship seemed to not hold, Niawa got threatened by a pureblood-Vampire, those who Himeka hates the most. She decided to stand up for her friend and protected her from getting beat up again. At that time both of them decided to get stronger to protect themselves. She told her father what happened and asked him to train her a little bit, although her father didn't like what he heard one bit he did what her daughter told him.
and too describe the relationship between her and her mother is a little difficult. She looks up to her a lot and sees her as one of the best mothers but at the same time she can't stand the fact that her mother is a Vampire. a bit difficult :T

    Main character of the comic/manga Magistra [Edit] ->added mothers ref, because that one's finished now ewe
Lottenya Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that dress and ribbon<3 *-*
Maro-King Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
    Ribbons and fluffy dresses are the best! <33
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